• Nidhi bhakuni

Be your best companion

Life is like a journey, where we different situations and many turns . As we are not aware about any turn and not what about to come on next turn . Although we are unknown and uncertain about life. But I think it make life full of adventures. It is the opportunity to be more curious. As curiosity make us crazy and sports ful. It help us for being courageous, and energetic. Actually this is a real life where we face ever new para of life . It keep us live . But when face challenges, we become harsh and thoughtful that why we are facing these situations. Why god choose us. We forget that we are adventurers and we are lucky enough, atleast we don’t have a boating life and have interest to know that what next to come. We are to make stories. So whenever you face any difficulties in life then say…..Wow! I am going to creat new story and now I will have something to tell about my self too.

We never die when we become old and weak, we die when we have nothing apart of our routine. When we follow only our routine and doing nothing else, actually we are killing ourselves.

Don’t kill your enthusiasm….you are live still because still you are reading this and now planning to make you feel fantastic.

When you feel any toxic in life just sit with yourself , talk to you and entertain your self. Believe me it’s not bad sometimes to be alone and give your quality time to yourself. You may go which place you like most close your eyes and let your mind thoughtless. This vacuum will fill you with new energy. Praise yourself and love your self.

Always remember, you can give only what you have. If you are depressed then you can not entertain others positively. Be your best companion. Enjoy with yourself ,others will enjoy with you themselves.


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