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Are You Working Mother- Quick Tips To Manage Your work From Home During This Time, Happy Parenting

During this pandemic, many of parents are working from home. This the challenge for them to continue as well as they perform in official places.

Especially for working mothers, it is very difficult for them to meet all the requirements related to the house and also be able to take proper time for their work and to do their work with cystic completeness.

In such a situation, we just need to control on some things then it can be saved from this catastrophe of the organism.

First of all, share all the responsibility of the house among all the members of the house, in this also include your children according to their age.

Set your time table to balance personal work and professional work.

Set a perfect communication with children as you are working from home, although you are available all time for them but you need some spare of time to do your work perfectly. So you are seeking for their support. As you all are family.

Don’t assume yourself superwoman, say no to unimportant task.

No person or circumstances are never perfect, just accept it. It will help you to handle anxiety and stress. Nothing is guaranteed in the world.

To give time to the children, set a few hours and tell the children in advance about it and also tell them that at this time there may be some swapping as per the need. it will help children to set their own kind of disciple, and they will learn to manage their life accordingly

The ups and downs of life are an integral part of us, it is as comfortable as breathing. So, take it easy.

Stress is nothing this is just state of mind. You just need to accept the situation but not blame yourself. It will help you to stay calm.

Add one unbreakable routine in your life, that is yoga or physical exercise. As it increases oxygen level in your brain which increase your focus and level of concentration, which help you to stretch your strength

Always keep yourself away from negative gossip

It is natural for children to have expectations from you till the extreme level, but you need to take a decision on every possibility and also talk to the children about it.

Believe that children are very intelligent, they can understand everything about you, just you have to establish a right dialogue with them.

Sometimes this is a good idea to exchange your expectations and choose how to deal with that and set the roll of each other in different situation.

Nidhi Bhakuni

Parents’ & Career Coach

Director of Skilliv Academy





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